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Clarke Announces New Director in Philadelphia

January 13, 2021—Clarke announces Ashley Mahlstedt Weaver, MED, as the director of Clarke Philadelphia. [More]

Clarke Announces New Chief Program Officer

January 13, 2021—Clarke proudly announces the appointment of Judy Sexton, MS, CED LSLS Cert AVEd, as Chief Program Officer (CPO).[More]

Clarke Florida Hosts a Special Zoom Visitor — Santa!

December 23, 2020—Preschool students who are deaf or hard of hearing and learning to listen and talk at Clarke in Jacksonville had a special visitor “Zoom in” from the North Pole — Santa! [More]

Clarke Alum and Scholarship Recipient Shares Winter Piano Performance

December 22, 2020—Garrett Campbell, a recipient of the Caroline A. Yale Scholarship, has a passion for music and has been playing the piano for four years. [More]